Dolphin Webquest


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Have you ever wondered what dolphins are saying when they make those funny noises? Did you know that dolphins like to play with their friends just like you do? Learn more about these beautiful and fascinating animals by taking this challenge!  Complete the worksheet in your writing journal and let’s write a book about DOLPHINS!

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  1. 1.How do Bottlenose dolphins communicate with each other?

  2. 2.How do dolphins breathe? 

  3. 3.What is the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise?

  4. 4.what did scientists learn about how dolphins and dinosaurs are related?

  5. 5.What is the dolphin’s nose called?

  6. 6.What is the dolphin’s tail called?

  7. 7.Do all dolphins live with their families?

  8. 8.How does trash in the ocean hurt dolphins?

  9. 9.How can you help protect the dolphin?

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  1. 1. What are the dolphins going to have for dinner?

  2. 2. What animal cases a problem for the dolphin dinner?

  3. 3. How do the dolphins call for help?